Whether for cosmetic reasons, bite correction or better dental hygiene, orthodontic braces are often a necessity. After all, most of us are not lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth! And that is why, Dr. Koch and his orthodontic team at Koch Orthodontics in Lawrenceville & Loganville, GA stay updated with the latest in orthodontic advances to help you with all your braces needs.

Braces are needed if you want to:

Straighten crooked teeth

Correct gaps between teeth

Align the tips of your teeth

Treat bite problems

Enhance your smile

Improve oral functions (speaking, eating, etc.)

Prevent dental stress, wear or trauma

Preserve long-term tooth and gum health

How Do Braces Work?

Braces are the most common solution for orthodontic problems, and are very effective and efficient for treatment. Braces have advanced significantly in the past 20 years. While older versions were uncomfortable and easily noticeable, modern braces are designed with lightweight materials and are smaller in size.

Here’s how braces work:

  • Brackets (braces) are bonded to the front of the teeth using orthodontic glue that is like dental filling material. This material cleans off easily at the end of treatment.
  • Wires pass through the brackets and put gradual pressure on the teeth, moving them into the correct position over time.
  • Braces need to be adjusted every few months, to maintain the ideal tension and pressure on teeth that need correction.
  • Teeth are usually straight within 6-12 months, but root alignment and bite correction may take a few years to correct in some cases.

At Koch Orthodontics in Lawrenceville & Loganville, GA, we use the latest technology to ensure that your treatment is quick and comfortable. Instead of traditional braces, we use self-ligating braces that don’t have bands or ties. To make your orthodontic treatment cleaner, more efficient and more comfortable with fewer office visits call us today to make an appointment.

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