A healthy smile is not only a reflection of good dental health but also good overall health. If the alignment of your teeth is crooked, it may be a source of embarrassment as well as a reason for your lack of confidence. Although the social reasons are good enough for you to seek orthodontic treatment, there have been a number of health related issues reported that arise due to crooked teeth.

What causes Crooked Teeth?

Crooked teeth can be caused by one or more of the following:
  • Premature loss of baby teeth
  • Facial injury
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Poor dental habits during childhood such as lip sucking, thumb sucking, excessive use of pacifier and chewing objects

How crooked teeth affects your general health?

  1. It causes periodontal/gum disease: Crooked teeth gives an opportunity to bacteria to proliferate and form a plaque in areas where the gums don’t fit securely around your teeth. This leads to periodontal disease that can even lead to tooth loss.
  2. It makes cleaning teeth a difficult task: It is a challenge to clean crooked teeth. The bristles of the toothbrush and floss do not reach the areas between crooked teeth. The bacteria in these areas survives the cleaning process and thrives in the environment making it conducive for itself and thus causing a lot of dental complications.
  3. It causes wear and tear of tooth: The misaligned teeth can make one or more teeth to rub against your other teeth while you eat or chew your food. Constant friction of one tooth with the other can cause undue wear of the tooth enamel that can lead to сrасkіng, erosion оr tооth brеаkаgе.
  4. It increases susceptibility to tooth injuries: Crooked or protruding teeth are more likely to chip, crack or fracture in event of an accident. Normal jaw actions while eating or a traumatic impact can make the teeth susceptible to injury.
  5. It causes difficulty in chewing: Protruding upper and lower teeth may hamper the normal jaw alignment thus making it difficult to chew. The teeth may rub against each other that can lead to problems related to inadequate digestion and poor absorption of nutrients.
  6. It causes bad breath: Bad breath is due to the bacteria which lingers on in the cracks between crooked teeth.
  7. It destroys self-esteem and confidence: Crooked teeth comes across as an embarrassment for many. They plays with your self-esteem thereby reducing your confidence levels.
  8. It hampers overall health: It is not just your oral health that is affected; crooked teeth can do more harm than you can imagine. The bacteria buildup is synonym with crooked teeth. Studies conducted by ADA have proved beyond doubt that oral infections caused by increased levels of bacteria thriving in the mouth may lead to serious health problems, including Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart disease, pneumonia, stroke and even cancer.

What’s next? Find a Solution to Crooked Teeth

Teeth straightening is the solution. It is an orthodontic treatment that includes a wide range of techniques for straightening and realigning crooked teeth. It also corrects dental issues so that you steer clear of tooth decay and end up with healthier teeth and gums. Some of the different options for crooked teeth treatment available that can fix crooked teeth and correct your crooked teeth smile and your health are as follows:
  • Cеrаmіс ѕuрроrtѕ
  • Lіnguаl ѕuрроrtѕ
  • Mеtаl straps
  • Dental Brасеѕ/Teeth braces
  • Invіѕаlіgn раrеnthеѕеѕ
Now that you know that crooked teeth are much more than a cosmetic issue, it is always better to fix crooked teeth before it affects your heart and your mind. Teeth straightening is the only solution to eradicate the complications associated with crooked teeth. If you ignore misaligned teeth, then you are predisposing yourself to the risk of developing poor dental as well as overall health. To determine which type of crooked teeth treatment option will work for you, you need to consult your family orthodontist. If you want to find the best Orthodontist in Lawrenceville, contact Koch Orthodontics today!


Yes. Genetics could be one of the reasons you may have crooked teeth. If either or both of your parents have crooked or crowded teeth, it’s likely that you’ll have them too. You may also inherit their underbite or overbite problems.
Yes. Braces are usually very effective for people who use them, but their effectiveness depends on the person and how carefully the orthodontist’s instructions are being followed. Success rates of braces vary depending on the age you start the orthodontic treatment and your treatment goals.
Crooked teeth in adults could be due to the following factors:
  • One theory suggests the modern diet as one of the reasons why adults have crooked teeth. Thousands of years ago, humans had a tougher diet which involved a lot of chewing and grinding. That made the jaws stronger and larger. But today’s diet involves softer food that doesn’t require much chewing or grinding. The jaws are now smaller and the size of the teeth that erupt (made for larger jaws) do not fit in the jaws; hence adults face the problem of overcrowded and crooked teeth.
  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Campaign for Dental Health, proper nutrition and access to dental care could be one of the reasons for misaligned or crooked teeth.
  • Genetics play an important role in teeth misalignment (crowding, unevenly sized or shaped upper/lower jaws, missing teeth, and poor tooth or palate development, overbite/underbite problems).
  • External factors like jaw injuries, broken teeth, diseases, mouth breathing, and other maxillofacial conditions can cause crooked teeth.
Your crooked lower teeth can be straightened with the same types of treatments that are available for straightening the front teeth. If your concern is aesthetics, there are virtually invisible braces such as lingual braces or Invisalign® that can correct your teeth while being less conspicuous. The best way to discover which treatment option is more suitable for you, consult an orthodontist.