Frequently Asked Questions About Orthodontic Treatment

Finding the right orthodontist is a big decision and knowing the person who is going to treat you is important before embarking on an orthodontic journey.

  1. Which doctors will I see at each orthodontic treatment?

    Some clinics have multiple doctors. But at Koch Orthodontics, we have one orthodontist who will serve at each orthodontic treatment.

  2. What treatment options do you suggest and what are the results they will show?

    Find out the orthodontic options suggested to you by your orthodontist specific to your case. You should also ask what results can be expected since expectations can differ from the services provided to you.

  3. Do you have similar cases that you can show me?

    Every case is unique to your orthodontist, even if they are experienced and well-educated. He or she may not know how to treat every case, so ask to see some photos of past work, particularly of similar cases. This will help you in determining the quality of your orthodontist’s work and if he or she can achieve the results you desire.

  4. Do you specialize in orthodontics or do you do general dentistry?

    We specialize in orthodontics, but we often team up with a general dentist, who would help our patients with cavities, tooth cleaning and other general dentistry tasks.

  5. What do you suggest to your friends and family? Or to your other patients?

    Ask your orthodontist if they have suggested a particular treatment to their friends and family and what their experiences were like. Asking questions like these will help you determine the popularity and the success of the treatment if your orthodontist has suggested the same to friends, family and other patients.

  6. Do you provide any type of payment plan?

    Orthodontists no longer expect full payment before your treatment begins. In many cases, a payment plan may comprise a down payment with the balance amount paid over a period of 12 to 24 months, often interest-free.

  7. I have dental insurance. Can I have orthodontic coverage too?

    Just like dentistry and orthodontist, dental insurance and orthodontic insurance are two different things.

  8. These questions will help you better understand about your family orthodontist as well as your orthodontic treatment. If you still have more questions, feel free to give Koch Orthodontics a call today.