Many people assume that dental braces are only for children and teenagers. Not true! People of any age can turn to orthodontic treatment, even those who are over the age of 50. It is crucial to fix the wrong bite and other dental imperfections before they get more serious as one gets older.

Why Get Dental Braces at 50

Regardless of your age, you would want to be healthy and look good. Crooked teeth may affect your dental health as it is hard to brush and floss misaligned teeth. Moreover, plaque and bacteria may build up in the hard to reach spots, leading to tooth decay. Furthermore, you may deal with cavities and gum problems quite frequently.

There is an easy solution for this — dental braces. Getting braces for adults over 50 will not only help you get straighter teeth but also promote dental health. As you get older, there will be natural wear and tear of the teeth, which is why it is important to preserve the natural teeth.

Getting braces now will ensure fewer dental treatments in the future. Poor oral health is also linked to other health issues like stroke and heart disease. So, getting braces at 50 will ensure that your overall health is also maintained.

When to Consider Orthodontic Treatment For Adults

As you get older, there will be a loss of collagen. This affects the skin and leads to reduced volume and hollowness in the face. However, it affects the mouth as well by making your lower teeth more visible with age. Further, it can also cause the teeth to move and become loose or crooked.

Getting braces after 50 will fix your crooked teeth or if the previously straightened teeth returned to their original positions. You must consider orthodontic treatment if you have:

  • Difficulty chewing food
  • Speech Issues
  • Bite problems
  • If food gets stuck in between the gaps of your teeth
  • Swollen Gums

3 Reasons to Get Adult Braces

  1. Numerous Options Available
  2. You can consider four adult braces options:

    • Metal Braces: These dental braces have brackets and wires that are made of high-grade stainless steel. They are attached to the front of the teeth. These are a good option if you have an extreme case of malocclusion.
    • Clear Ceramic Braces: These are made to match the color of the teeth. Clear ceramic braces are less noticeable because they blend in easily with the teeth.
    • Lingual Braces: They are attached to the back of the teeth to keep them hidden. These are a great option if you are looking for braces that are completely invisible.
    • Invisalign Clear Braces: Invisalign are clear braces that are customized to align crooked teeth. They are virtually invisible and completely removable, making it convenient to remove them while eating. You can even take them out to brush and floss comfortably and clean the braces. This is a good adult braces option if you have spacing problem between your teeth.
    1. Affordable
    2. Thanks to the advancement in dental technology, getting braces as an adult is now an affordable option. Since there are a number of options available, you can choose the one that suits your pocket.

      Moreover, as an adult, you would be financially more stable to afford the dental braces. If it felt like an expensive option earlier, it is more attainable now. So, go ahead and fix your misaligned teeth like you always wanted to.

    1. Boosts Self Esteem
    2. People of all ages want to be confident about how they look and feel. If you spent all your life hiding your crooked smile, you can change that now. Getting braces as an adult will help straighten your teeth, boost your self-esteem and gain confidence in your smile.

      How much do braces cost for adults? Well, it depends on the severity of your condition and the type of braces you require. Make an appointment with Koch Orthodontics to get your teeth evaluated and gift yourself a beautiful, healthy and perfect smile.