The day you get your dental braces removed is an exciting one, and it’s something you’ve probably been looking forward to. You’ve invested a lot of time, money and patience into the process, and the last thing you want is stains or yellow and white spots on your teeth after braces are removed.

Many people believe that braces stain teeth, but they’re not always to blame. More often, stains are caused by food that gets stuck in braces as well as dental plaque accumulating between them. A few precautions during orthodontic treatment can help you prevent braces stains and enjoy a straighter, more even and whiter smile!

5 Tips for Avoiding Teeth Stains with Dental Braces

Here are some tips for preventing teeth stains and discoloration while getting orthodontic treatment:

  1. Brush Thoroughly –

    Cleaning braces and teeth properly helps you prevent plaque buildup and keeps teeth from getting stained after braces. Brush for three minutes after every meal, using regular fluoridated toothpaste instead of a teeth whitening toothpaste that can cause white spots on teeth. Wait half an hour between eating and brushing to let saliva wash away acids from food and let your enamel settle.

  2. Floss Every Day –

    As part of your oral hygiene routine, make sure you’re flossing as well as brushing your teeth regularly. Flossing helps to remove food particles and plaque from teeth and braces, and you should ideally do it before you brush. You can use ordinary floss threaders or special braces-friendly products recommended by your orthodontist. Follow up with mouthwash for extra protection.

  3. Avoid Staining Foods –

    Certain foods and drinks, such as tomatoes, mustard, sodas, red wine, coffee and food coloring can stain your teeth or dental braces. Red and yellow colored foods are particularly prone to staining ceramic braces, but they can affect other types of braces too. Be aware of ingredients and foods to avoid, and as far as possible, don’t consume these during your treatment.

  4. Consume Less Sugar –

    Sugary, acidic and starchy foods are extremely harmful for your teeth, since they encourage plaque, stains and cavities. Hard or sticky candies can also get stuck in your braces or teeth and damage the wires or brackets. While you should avoid these items even when you aren’t wearing dental braces, it’s especially important to stay away from them while you are.

  5. Visit Your Orthodontist –

    To keep teeth and gums in good shape, dentists recommend getting an oral exam and professional dental cleanings twice a year. When you wear braces, however, you may need to go in more often. Not only will an orthodontist be able to clean your teeth and braces more thoroughly than you can on your own, they can also suggest specific tips for keeping them clean.

Have questions about orthodontic treatment for yourself or your kids? Worried about braces stains? Need your dental braces cleaned? An experienced family orthodontist can help. If you’re looking for an orthodontist in Lawrenceville, schedule an appointment at Koch Orthodontics today!