Approximately 4.5 million people wear braces in America, according to the American Association of Orthodontics. Are you one of them? Or are you thinking about getting your braces treatment? People who undergo braces treatment are generally concerned about the duration and comfort level of the treatment. The visibility of the mounts also embarrasses young teens and adults. There is a modern solution to all these concerns, which is self-ligating braces. It is also commonly known as Damon braces. Let us explain to you how it works and what its benefits are. Introduction to Self-ligating Braces Unlike regular braces, Damon braces don’t come with elastic ligature, which builds tension between the brackets to move teeth. Instead, in these braces, a clip is used to adjust the archwire for correct positioning of teeth. Thus Self-ligating braces slide more comfortably. Moreover, the clip causes less friction and tension in comparison to elastic. The Damon Braces Method Self-ligating braces work with a clip that fixes in the teeth to get them in the correct position. There is a lighter pressure which the clips put on the teeth. This much pressure is mandatory to reposition your teeth and correct the alignment of your jaw. Demon braces have brackets in common with traditional braces, but they also use archwires for alignment. The clips are used as a sliding method which gradually tightens the archwires. This results in moving the teeth in the correct position. Self-ligating Braces V/s Traditional Braces Although the traditional braces and damon braces are made up of the same material, their tightening of the teeth is very different. The conventional braces use elastic to put pressure on teeth to move their position. On the other hand, self-ligating braces encourage a natural movement of teeth. The demon braces use unique clips which gently move the teeth in their correct position. In addition, these clips are flexible in comparison to the elastic of traditional braces. 7 Benefits of Self-ligating Braces Over Conventional Braces
    1. Shorter & More Comfortable Visits
The clip of the damon braces needs few adjustments, unlike the elastic of the traditional braces. And it takes less time to adjust the clips rather than the elastics of conventional braces. Thus your visits to the orthodontist get shorter and less discomforting.
  • Less Friction & Soreness
The clips don’t put much pressure on the teeth. Therefore you don’t feel the degree of pain, soreness, and discomfort inDamon braces as you feel with traditional braces.
  • No Sticking of Food
The latex material on the elastic and rubber band of conventional braces traps food in it. Therefore, there is a greater chance of plaque generation. In contrast, there is no latex material used in self-ligating braces, so there are lesser chances of food getting stuck.
  • Not Clearly Visible
Self-ligating braces are not as visible as traditional braces. This is because they are small in size and less prominent. It is one of the significantbenefits of self-ligating braces for teens and young adults.
  • Efficient Treatment
Damon braces cut down the orthodontic treatment time by as much as 6 months. The conventional braces are more time-consuming and need more visits to the clinic. Duration of the treatment is a major concern for maximum patients, which the self-ligating system resolves efficiently.
  • Convenience & Freedom
In conventional braces, the pressure of elastic doesn’t let you talk or eat freely. With clips of self-ligating braces, your teeth feel free for any movement.As a result, it decreases the discomfort you face in daily activities.
  • Hygienic & Clean
One of the topmost benefits of self-ligating braces is it makes it easier to clean the teeth. There are no elastics or rubber bands in Damon braces, unlike conventional braces. Therefore, the food doesn’t get stuck, and it becomes easy to brush and floss your teeth properly.

Wrapping Up!

Self-ligating bracesare suitable for both kids and adults. It comes with numerous advantages. But your orthodontist can only suggest to you whether Damon braces are appropriate to treat your condition or not.