Orthodontic Treatment

If you have crooked, misaligned or uneven teeth, our orthodontic treatment options at Koch Orthodontics in Lawrencville & Loganville, GA can improve the way your teeth look and work. This branch of dentistry focuses on moving and straightening your teeth for long-term dental health, function and visual appeal. It also reduces wear and tear by spreading pressure evenly over your teeth when you bite, chew or speak.

How Do Orthodontic Treatments Work?

Here’s a quick overview on the orthodontic treatments offered at Koch Orthodontics:

We use appliances like different braces, and removable appliances such as aligners for orthodontic treatments.

Special appliances may be used to treat thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and premature tooth loss in babies.

Treatment methods depend on the severity of the problem as well as your lifestyle, age and oral structure.

The time required for treatment also depends on a variety of factors. It could take a few months or years.

Why is Orthodontic Treatment Important?

If your teeth don’t fit together just right, it can lead to a wide range of other problems. Here’s what you might face:

First, teeth that are crooked or have gaps between them are more difficult to clean. This raises the risk of tooth decay (cavities/caries), gum disease and eventual tooth loss.

There’s also the extra pressure placed on your chewing muscles and joints in the mouth. This can cause pain in the jaw, as well as headaches, shoulder pain and neck pain.

Finally, there’s your appearance to consider. Uneven and crooked teeth don’t look very appealing, and they can also affect the way your facial muscles develop over time.

Orthodontic problems can be corrected at any age. It’s never too late, so call us and make an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Koch at Koch Orthodontics in Lawrenceville or Loganville, GA and we can help you get that perfect smile.

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