Orthodontist in Lawrenceville, GA

We are a trusted orthodontic practice offering customized, caring and comfortable orthodontic treatments in Lawrenceville, GA.

Dr. Jacob Koch is an award-winning family orthodontist specializing in orthodontic braces, Invisalign system and self-ligating braces for kids,
teens and adults.

Our Competitive Edge

We are a highly-recommended orthodontic clinic in Lawrenceville, GA because we strive to provide every patient the best possible orthodontic care using the latest orthodontic equipment and procedures.

We are a top-rated, one-doctor practice focused on providing a positive experience with genuine care and customized treatment that’s just for you!

A kid-friendly environment that is warm and caring, where children feel safe and comfortable from the time they first walk into our clinic until their treatment is over.

A well-trained support team that puts your convenience and comfort first.

An experienced orthodontist who is committed to ensuring that your treatment journey ends with the smile of your dreams.

Orthodontic Services Offered in Lawrenceville, GA

A perfect combination of efficiency and aesthetic appeal, our cutting-edge orthodontic treatments include braces, Invisalign system, and self-ligating braces to correct your crooked, uneven or misaligned teeth that keep you from smiling.


Our child-centric orthodontic facility focuses on reducing nervousness and improving receptiveness to make sure all our pediatric patients enjoy a lifetime of healthy smiles without undergoing any pain or discomfort.


Invisalign for teens is a virtually undetectable teeth straightening system that improves your smile without affecting your lifestyle – a perfect solution for teens that feel wires and brackets negatively impact their appearance.


Whether you want to fix unsightly gaps or improve your smile, we will tailor your treatment plan to ensure that it not only straightens your teeth, but also enhances your facial structure to give you a functional, beautiful smile.

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